Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fashion Show Breakdown | Peter Pan Dress

This dress gets its name from the mock Peter Pan collar applique. It was one of the first dresses I have ever made from when I was taking classes at First Samples last year, and the material is a light blue/teal sateen. I felt that it needed a lot of modification to make it more interesting, so I added the mock collar, sleeves, covered buttons, and a belt. The material for the additions came from some fabric scraps my grandmother gave me. As with many of my grandmother's pieces I have become the humble recipient of, it was apparent that this material was supposed to be a shirt of some sort. I rather like the new use of the fabric instead, don't you?

Miss Erin worked the runway with a lollipop in hand. The shoes are vintage heels that were picked up some time ago at a Goodwill.

This ensemble was purchased at the fashion show. I am so thrilled that it went to a good home!


Casey Smith said...

soooooooxinfinity cute! I love everything about it... the color, the print, the buttons, the collar and sleeves, but most of all the elephant belt :D (It could have used a bit more ironing, but) It is perfect... and your model totally rocked it... you are too much

SavannahRed said...

yeah, the ironing was indeed a bitch. i almost said something about that on the post, but i felt that it was a given. haha

Antoinette said...

Girl, that dress is so cute! I was so glad to have a front-row seat so I could see all those great details.

Dollie said...

Yes, my good home! I love it!