Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our Journey Together

Tomorrow, Sunday, December 5th, just days before my 25th celebration of life, my very own boutique opens in the Cypress Vanguard fashion house along with those of 8 other incredibly talented, beautiful designers. It goes without saying that this is huge.

Not only is it a large deal to me, personally, as it signifies that I am now an adult - officially - but in the world of fashion, it is a great thing for ladies who don't necessarily fit the mold. I am so excited to be able to celebrate this as part of my adventure! Three and a half years ago, I had no idea I would be sitting here now, dreaming about my studio space and the gorgeous ladies I get to create for every single day. (I didn't even know how to sew then!) This is soon to be my reality, a storefront in downtown Austin. How am I so lucky?

I am so grateful for this opportunity, given to me by my friend and peer Megan Summerville, who is not just one of the sweetest ladies on the planet, she is one of the most confident women I know and her ability to make the finest crafted lingerie is extraordinary. I get to work beside her every day, and hopefully, channel her wisdom and strength.

So! This is a thank you to all of the love, excitement, and support I've had over the past few years, and also to all of the No's I've heard, the heartbreaks, the slander, and the disdain along the way. All of it has come to this point, and I'm very fortunate to say that it has made me and not broken me.

Miss curvy, are you ready to play with savannahred? Come on down to 606 E. 3rd St. beginning tomorrow at 11 am and we can start our journey together or maybe even continue the beautiful thing that we already have.


Anslee / savannahred